Executive Compensation

McElroy Law Group has considerable experience in structuring executive compensation programs and arrangements on behalf of corporate clients and senior executives.

Our Representation of Corporations and Other Business Entities

A successful company cannot sustain growth without having developed an ability to consistently attract and retain key employees. Our firm is frequently called upon to design and implement effective and innovative compensation programs that serve this purpose. In doing so, we approach each executive compensation arrangement with a thorough understanding of the industry involved, as well as corporate, securities, tax, accounting, employment law and estate planning implications.

We have extensive experience in negotiating, designing, implementing and administering various executive compensation and broad-based incentive plans, programs and agreements, including:

  • Supplemental executive retirement plans ("SERPs");
  • Nonqualified deferred compensation arrangements, including rabbi trusts;
  • Executive employment agreements;
  • "Golden" and "silver" parachute payments;
  • Change-in-control agreements;
  • Executive separation packages;
  • Stock option and restricted stock plans;
  • Stock appreciation rights;
  • Employee stock purchase plans;
  • Phantom stock plans; and
  • Performance share and performance unit plans.

Our Representation of Senior Executives

CEOs and key executives engage us for strategic planning to insure they receive the best possible deal from their negotiations. On a highly confidential basis, we counsel them in analyzing their options and negotiating a fair and effective compensation package that may include one or more of the following:

  • CEO and key executive employment agreements and separation packages;
  • Change-in-control agreements;
  • "Golden" and "silver" parachutes;
  • Retention agreements;
  • Equity compensation agreements;
  • Supplemental executive retirement plans (SERPs);
  • Deferred compensation arrangements;
  • Cash incentive plans; and
  • Performance share and performance unit plans.